Sorting your thinking out for your exams

As you may well know or have noticed, a lot of the articles I like to write are on the topic of the CPA exams, and today we make no exception to that. I want to help you to organize your mind with your approach to the big day – the big exam. Prep is everything. Maybe you know this already, but it is really worth repeating.

The approach I hope that you choose to take is the one of beginning your learning nice and early – well before the exam date. You must not be cocky and start late, ie days or even weeks before the exam. It should be months before. That way your life can remain as normal and you can study bit by bit and learn more day at a time.

Once you are thinking in this kind of way, reality will align with it and you will eventually see that you are on the path to passing the exam.

Going all the way for the CPA Exam

You can think of your CPA exam as being months long. Just thinking of it as a few hour long exam is not helpful because that does not calibrate just how important the revision time before the exam is…the time when you are (supposed to be) intensively studying your CPA study guide.

The CPA exam is basically a marathon – that’s what I am trying to express to you. And because of this, you should ensure that you pace yourself so that you can last the distance. This CPA guide is especially good for this approach to learning:

What exactly does pacing yourself mean in terms of learning then? Well essentially it means dedicating a few hours each day to covering the learning guide that you buy. Do this for a few months and that is the slow and steady way that more than a tidy few people claim works the best.