GRE Studying

Some GRE prep is of a high standard, but unlike in certain other exam niches, it is hard to sort through GRE study guides and figure out just which ones are worthy of your time. That is why I linked you to a page just a second ago – it’s a page which offers strong guidance on which books are worthwhile in considering for using to study from. if you did not have access to that page, then you might well end up spending far too long trying to filter out the rough from the smooth in terms of these books, so the page is definitely a decent time saver.

Now that we are done discussing those books I thought I would just quickly mention that I discovered a resource which showcases some awesome ACT books. Having done a little research on the ones recommended, I can see that they are a really good set of books due to the reviews people have given them. Usually what people said was along the lines of, “these books really helped me to learn what I had to know to pass my exam”, and that is certainly encouraging to hear about. If you buy books that don’t have such reviews it can feel like a real risk in choosing them, so the ones as linked to above that do have reviews are worth choosing for peace of mind.

The NCLEX Exam

I have met quite a few NCLEX exam candidates who had already taken the exam. I guess it has been about a 50:50 ratio of pass:fail – which is to say that about half of these people I met had passed the exam and the other half had failed. The conversations that I had with these 2 sets of people were interesting because it turned out that there were patterns emerging for them, and I will enlighten you now on what those patterns were, exactly.

With the people who passed the exam, they mostly reported that they had bought and used quality study materials. Some of the ones mentioned have been compiled in this list of the best NCLEX review books that I found.

The people who had failed the exam were mostly telling me that they had made a wrong decision on study materials and either gone for the cheap option, or just made an error in judgement and bought a poorly made course.

Ideally you want to avoid mistakes like that, and I know of one course which will 100% mean you avoid making any mistakes. Here’s a link to the course details:

If you pick out a course such as that one (well, in my opinion, that one in particular), then you will be very satisfied and you will be far less likely to fail the NCLEX.

CFP Reviews For The Win

Some brave souls attempt to take the CFP examination without having bought a review course beforehand. I say brave but in all honesty, I’m not sure if it’s bravery or stupidity. Why? Because most people who don’t buy a no.1 CFP course usually don’t get the result they wanted in the exam. They cut corners trying to save money, and then they end up ultimately having to spend more money to retake the exam, plus they usually learn their lesson and buy a review course second time around.

If you want to only need to pay the exam fee once, then I really suggest that you get yourself a course to teach you how to pass this exam. By a long stretch of the imagination, it is not an “easy” test to pass. Since you are still some time away from the exam, be smart about this and don’t try to pass the exam only having used free resources. I have seen it attempted time and time again and it almost always ends in tears, or at least disappointment. I have seen a couple of people succeed without a review course but these were older people with a lot of industry experience, who had used tutors to perfect their knowledge.

You can find a CFP course here:

2 Points About The CFA Exam

I just want to say a couple of things about the CFA exam. It is an exam that many people struggle through, and many more fail, so it is a topic that is always worth visiting now and again when there is something helpful to say about it.

First thing I would like to address is the reality that the CFA is a test you will want to go into feeling as if you have done your best in terms of planning. Planning for this exam is so important because there is a lot of subject matter that you might be tested on, and if your knowledge is short, you could be caught out.

There is some good news, though. There’s what I would call a highly informational CFA review that I have noticed gets rave reviews all over the web. If you use this product, it will boost your confidence significantly for the exam, because it will prep you so fully. After you have used it and when you get your exam results, I have no doubt at all that you will look back on your buying of it, if you make that decision to buy, as a really good investment of your hard earned cash.

Heavy CPA Advice

Being here on this page shows to me straight away that you are smartly doing your research before your exam. This is actually a step that many don’t bother to make, but believe me it will certainly pay dividends. This is because you will become organized in your learning, and organization is highly underrated in terms of contribution to exam result. This is the sort of guidance for the CPA exam that you have been needing.

The best advice I would offer to you is to be prepared to dig deep mentally as your exam becomes nearer. You will need to do this because it will take willpower to consistently revise for the exam, and if you are not prepared to do that then the likelihood that you will do it on a consistent basis is pretty slim.

For more useful words that cover the CPA and related topics, see this:

CPA Passing Strategy: The Biggest Factor

Easily the biggest factor in your attempt at gaining the CPA cert being a success or not, is the presence and standard of the CPA exam review that you pick up. If it’s a poor product and you study it well, you will miss the success train. What you want is the best CPA course and then an attitude that matches it in terms of quality.

And what exactly would we say is the right attitude? Essentially its an attitude where you admit that you will need to concede some ground in terms of your personal life. Your CPA guide will have to come first for now, and if this means seeing your partner and your friends and maybe your parents a little bit less for a while, then you got to just take that in your stride. I am sure they will all understand anyway, because the time is being used for study!

CIA Exam Toughness

Just how tough is the CIA exam? Well, to give you some necessary background, accounting exams in general are harder than your typical industry’s exams. With accounting exams, there are lots of little details to remember, and skills that you need to have, that make these exams hard in general. But as someone smart enough to have chosen and gotten on the way to an accounting career (if you don’t have one already, that is) then you are definitely smart enough to pass them if you prepare in the best way.

As for the CIA exam it is about average in terms of difficulty for an accounting exam, so compared to the average exam, it is on the hard side. It gets easier when you have CIA study materials on your side though, of course. Those are ultra helpful because they ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the info you’ll be tested upon.

Sorting your thinking out for your exams

As you may well know or have noticed, a lot of the articles I like to write are on the topic of the CPA exams, and today we make no exception to that. I want to help you to organize your mind with your approach to the big day – the big exam. Prep is everything. Maybe you know this already, but it is really worth repeating.

The approach I hope that you choose to take is the one of beginning your learning nice and early – well before the exam date. You must not be cocky and start late, ie days or even weeks before the exam. It should be months before. That way your life can remain as normal and you can study bit by bit and learn more day at a time.

Once you are thinking in this kind of way, reality will align with it and you will eventually see that you are on the path to passing the exam.

Going all the way for the CPA Exam

You can think of your CPA exam as being months long. Just thinking of it as a few hour long exam is not helpful because that does not calibrate just how important the revision time before the exam is…the time when you are (supposed to be) intensively studying your CPA study guide.

The CPA exam is basically a marathon – that’s what I am trying to express to you. And because of this, you should ensure that you pace yourself so that you can last the distance. This CPA guide is especially good for this approach to learning:

What exactly does pacing yourself mean in terms of learning then? Well essentially it means dedicating a few hours each day to covering the learning guide that you buy. Do this for a few months and that is the slow and steady way that more than a tidy few people claim works the best.